What is KidMin pt 2

Helllo! The KidMin Lady here. I’d like to talk about KidMin as it pertains to your child at Destiny Kids. I’ll start by asking some questions.
Have you wondered what do we actually do at Destiny Kid’s KidMin (Kids Ministry)? As a parent, what do you see us do? We are ushering kids to classrooms, singing and dancing to crazy cool worship songs and playing fun and wacky games. But what does all this really do? Is it just Disneyland for kids on Sunday morning? Is there any substance to all the commotion? Is all this just a great sitter for your kids while you enjoy church?
If you read part 1, you will remember our vision: to empower our children to develop their relationship with Jesus, fall in love with Him and become His lifelong friends. But how, you ask, can all the ‘hype’ get us anywhere near the vision? It’s simple…by engaging the children, allowing them to have fun, relax and open their hearts to the truth.
Worship songs allow the children to experience praise and open their hearts to the Lord. By using movement with the music the children are utilizing the kinesthetic portion of their brain. Many children learn best through movement, not to mention it gets the wiggles out. Fun and wacky games reinforce the lesson in an engaging manner, again using movement while encouraging conversation and teaching appropriate social skills.
So you see, all the ‘hype’ you see downstairs at Destiny Kids is well planned out with a purpose in mind. The amazing thing is, the children love it! They don’t realize they are actually learning too!
There are other aspects to Destiny Kids besides what you see on Sunday morning. While this is our main focus, it is not our only focus. We have Vacation Bible School in July and now, during Spring Break as well. We are so excited for both programs, as they are a time of amazing spiritual growth for the children and adults that volunteer their time. VBS is also a tremendous outreach for both children and families as a whole.
Destiny Kids also host a monthly Family Game Night. We want to provide a safe and economical activity to do on a Friday Night with the entire family. This is a time to hang out, relax and have fun with like minded friends in Christ. Families of all sizes are welcome, from 1 to 50. Bring a snack to share, your babies and your grandparents, your cousins and your neighbors to a fun, relaxing time of fellowship.
Every three months we sponsor a Family Fun Night. Similar to our Game Night, this is an activity for the entire family. We provide the food, play games and offer a theme to the evening. Family Fun Nights are held in our Sanctuary, which is decorated for everyone’s enjoyment. Make sure to bring your friends.
At the end of the school year we offer a summer camp for all the children. Held at Alaska Christian Retreat in Sterling, this is a wonderful time of learning and comradery. Children sleep in cabins and eat in the mess hall while learning the Bible with their friends, old and new. Ages 6 through 8th grade are welcome to attend. Destiny Youth runs their summer camp concurrently, allowing the teens to stay on as counselors for the children. The experience allows all ages groups to grow in the Lord while forming bonds that will last a lifetime.
Destiny Kids is always ready to reach out to children and their families, privately and through our outreach h programs. If you live in the Kenai/Soldotna area (from Nikiski to Kasilof to Sterling) we would love to meet you and your children.