A Huge THANK YOU to everyone who volunteers and gives to the children!

Check out the spotlights of our wonderful volunteers on this page!



Lavender Burns
Pup Class Teacher

Lavender has grown up in the Soldotna Church of God. Her grandparents attended before they moved outside and her immediate family still attends.
She went from being a kid sitting in Sunday School class to helping the teachers to being a teacher herself. We couldn’t be prouder!

Lavender is a graduate of Soldotna High School, class of 2016. She will be attending Seatle Pacific University in the fall (1 month from the time of this writing) to study Music Therapy and, possibly, Children’s Ministry. This seems fitting, as Lav has always played an instrument and sang along to every song. Music is the gift God has given her, and she shines with it. Lav evens leads our Worship with the Kidz before she teaches her class. Lavender has her favorite things in life. She puts God first and her family second. Then comes music in all its forms. When asked what her favorite Bible story was (fitting question for a Kidz teacher) she said Daniel and the Lions Den. Lav says it gives her hope that God will always give her the courage to overcome any obstacle. We will miss you Lav! And we pray your new journey is filled with many God Moments along the way. We love you!


Destiny VBS 2016 Amazing Volunteers!
There are no small jobs in the Kingdom of God!

There are no words to express how blessed we are to have each
one of you serve the children.

Set up: Cheryl Carson, Missy Bever, Betty Phelps, Lauralee Smart, Maria
Registration: Cheryl Carson, Missy Bever, Marlene Phillips, Angela Kulich
Teaching:  Angie Walker, Emerald, Trinity, Betty Phelps, Lavender Burns, Lauralee Smart, Jaci LeDoux, Jen Schwartz,
Kellie Bartelmay, Wes Catlin, and Maddy
Preschool Leader: Ky Quincy
Morning Leader: Liz Harshman
Teen Leaders: Cam, DJ, Gage, Javan and Maddy
Music Leaders: Ky Quincy and Lavender Burns”
Opening/Closing: Maria Chythlook

Our Spring Break 2016 Vacation Bible School Volunteers

We all dressed like Egyptians and it was amazing!!
A HUGE Thank You to everyone who helped.

Names to come….


Our Spring Break 2015 Vacation Bible School Volunteers!

You all rock! Thank you for your dedication!!

spring break photos

Set up: Brionna Caitlin, Cheryl Carson, Mieka Chythlook, Mike & Missy Bever, Maria
Registration: Cheryl Carson
Teaching: Alyssa Williams, Angie Walker, Betty Phelps, Evelyn Monroe, Lavender Burns, Mary Burdick, Lauralee Smart, Merideth Pankratz, Patti Jolen, Rebeka Heames, Shannon Bartell
Teen Leaders: Cam, DJ, Gage, TJ


Destiny VBS 2014 Weird Animals
We had a wonderful and weird time!
Thank you all! What an amazing team!

Set up: Maria, Betty Phelps, Cheryl Carson, and a few others (if it is you please let Maria know)
Registration: Cheryl Carson
Teaching:  Betty Phelps,  Lauralee Smart, Merideth Pankratz,  Rebeka Heames, Amanda Wiese, Diane Bernard, Jodi Lout, Danille Wiese, Liz Holt, Fawn Bearup, Jaci DeLoux, Carol Silver
Teen Leaders: Cam, DJ,  TJ, Ashlyn Braning, Brad Phelps

If you were there and not on this list, please let Maria know so you can be added. Your service to the kidz was invaluable!


Lauralee Smart!

Lauralee has been a part of the Soldotna Church of God for many years. She also wears many hats…too many to count. You can find her in the sound booth 1st service on Sunday morning, or on the stage singing. Then, 2nd service she is with us, at Destiny Kidz, singing, doing puppet skits, and teaching our Kit class. Lauralee has a heart for children and it shows in everything she does. Not only does she direct the main Christmas play at SolCog, she is also directs the Destiny Kidz Nativity Play. And, she plays a main part in planning and implementing our Destiny Kidz and Youth Summer Camp. She was at Hope for the Future Daycare and Preschool playing the part of Assistant Director and Lead Preschool Instructor for many years. Now, she is a Preschool Teacher at Head Start. (This writer is exhausted just thinking of all the work Lauralee does!) And did we mention that she does all of this with a happy heart for the Lord! When she is not busy, she spends time with her family, including four very active grandchildren who would rather eat broccoli than go a week without Grandma!

Thank You Lauralee for all you do…and Thank You for having a warm smile, generous hug and caring heart always!

Cheryl Carson!


A mother to three amazing grown children and grandma to four precious youngsters, Cheryl is a busy lady. She is a loving wife and a full time employee, as well as a ‘volunteer of all trades’ around Destiny Kidz. She the Calves class, which comprises 5th grade and up. She enters data into the computer, makes up birthday cards, organizes activities, cleans the classrooms, prays daily for our kids and helps with whatever else needs done. Although she does not have much time to give, she is faithful to use it diligently. 30 minutes one day, an hour on another, several hours a couple of times a month and Sunday mornings all add up. Cheryl is also key to our VBS and outreach programs. Many hands make light work, and Destiny Kidz is blessed to have Cheryl’s…and they are always cheerful!

Thank you Cheryl for you devotion of time and prayers.
Betty Phelps!

Betty is a warrior for the Lord. Having been a Christian since she can remember.   Betty  is solidly grounded in the Word of God. She loves kids and loves teaching them about Jesus. She is the mother of two young men and the grandma of two adorable blessings. Betty teaches the Cubs Sunday School class and Camp Discovery class on Wednesday nights. She has been teaching on Wednesday nights for close to 13 years! The children adore her and leave her classroom smiling. The lessons Betty prepares are always based in sound Biblical doctrine…and are fun! Betty is always ready to lend a hand for any project going on in KidMin. She has a smile on her face and encouraging words on her lips at all times. Betty is truly a joy to have on our Volunteer Staff here at Destiny Kids!

Thank you Betty for your years of dedication to the children of Destiny Kids and the Soldotna Church of God!