Showcasing Fun ways for Kids to fall in Love with God’s Word.

Gospel Project for Kids Phone App!

Now your child can keep learning about the Bible lesson on Sunday all week long! This App is wonderful and available for both Android and iOS. The videos are fantastic, the Big Picture Question is asked and answered and the Memory Verse is repeated. There are games and so much more. This is a must have to accompany our new curriculum here at Destiny Kids!

Get the App by clicking on your phone or tables operating system above.

Take a look at the Superbook Bible App for Kids!

Interactive, engaging, inquisitive and entertaining are all words to describe this wonderful free app. Your children will learn scripture while watching clips from the Emmy nominated Superboook series. They can search the Scriptures and listen to the New Living version. Personalization features are also included.
Get the free App here: Superbook App

Check out The Bible App for Kids!

Your kids will watch Bible stories come alive with the animated storybook and touch-activated animations. Games and activities will help your child remember what they have learned in a fun and engaging way.
Get the app for your phone here:    Bible App for Kids
Each time I watch a child engaged with this app I am amazed at how much they love it! -Miss Maria

For a ton of Christian Kids Websites with ratings you must check this site out!

“Our picks for the best places on the web for Christian kids like us to visit for fun, games, learning, and devotions. Every site recommended here has a Christian world view, some are denominational (most aren’t), and all are safe, fun and Mom-approved.” As seen on the home page of this site. I think it says it all.
Click here for a direct link:    Christian Kids Top 100 Websites

What is JellyTelly?

According to their website: “JellyTelly is a unique online video and game network for families, developed with VeggieTales© and What’s In the Bible? creator Phil Vischer. JellyTelly hosts faith-based videos, games, and devotionals created and curated to entertain your children while teaching them about God and faith. Children’s entertainment is endless and oftentimes meaningless, but JellyTelly provides a safe place for your kids to access worthwhile faith-based entertainment via desktop, mobile apps and Roku.”
Their mission is to be a tool to help raise the next generation of Christians so they know what they believe and know how to live it.
JellyTelly cost a small bit of money (starting at $3/month) but it seems worth it. If I had little ones around the house this would be an investment I would make. (Yes, for the future grandkids too!)
Let’s face it…TV is pointless these days. You can’t trust cable, satellite or the internet. Why not provide reliable Christian entertainment for your children? Check it out and let me know what you think.
Click here for a link:   JellyTelly